3 Ways to Wreck your Back

Back pain is a discomfort most people face. In most case, they are unable to handle it and end up living with it in depression. Silent suffering becomes the only way out for them. However, this should not be the case. You can have more control over the problem than you think. Here are top ways men and women tend to wreck their back and ways to prevent:

1. Weekend Competitions

If you think you are an athlete and want to emerge as a champion on weekend warfare, you will become a back pain sufferer soon. You need to train your core well before participating in such activities. Being idle for most of the week and jumping into the act can be dangerous for your back. Other tasks such as cleaning out the garage, working in the yard or garden may be tough on your back too.

Solution – Regular exercise can help prevent back pain. According to recommendations offered by expert spine surgeon Miami, stretching and strengthening core muscles is the best solution.

2. Poor Lifting Technique

Strictly avoid improper bending and lifting. These activities may cause back injury.

Solution – Focus on engaging your abs. This is very helpful for supporting your back.

3. Inattentiveness during Daily Activity

Most of the time, we are absent-minded while undertaking simple tasks such as washing clothes, dong dishes, taking out the trash etc. These instances can make your spine bend out of shape.

Solution – The best way to prevent such accidental injuries and pain is to train yourself to keep your core muscles strong and engaged. It really helps to pull your navel toward your spine. Imagine that you are wearing a corset that pulls sides of your abs inward. When you do this all through the day, mainly while lifting or bending, you are actually strengthening and supporting your back.


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